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Digital Signature Hardware

Our company has tested & approved the following products which conform to the established International Security Level for protection of your credentials.

DRIVERS WATCHDATA TOKEN FOR WINDOWS 10 DOWNLOAD. Digital signature registration on gst portal, registering. Usb smart token. Digital signature certificates, aladdin knowledge token, digital signatures certificate. Time stamp authentication, watchdata technologies pte. LEDLoad has started as a neat CPU load display using a single dual color LED. The current release has been extended to support up to two tri-color LEDs. It is designed to use a free internal USB port of any modern PC and replace the power LED in the case with something more interesting. A host driver kernel module is available for Linux.

We do not endorse any company. The companies of the product listed here have agreed to offer Quality Technical Support along with assurance that their products will be available across India for users to buy conveniently.

Products Download HardwareSupport
SafeNet eToken 5110
+91 120 4788 000 (Noida)
+91 22 6167 5900 (New Delhi)
ePass 2003
0712 663 8888
[email protected]

022 6792 4642
[email protected]

020 49105678
[email protected]

Any of the USB devices mentioned above could be used to save Digital Signature Certificate. These devices are reliable, safe and portable. To download DSC you have to insert the USB token (in which you want to download the certificate) to your computer and install its driver (pertaining to the making of the token) which can be downloaded from the section mentioned above. Only after installing the driver you would be able to download the certificate in the token.

If you are a hardware OEM or distributor, we will be more than happy to integrate your product in our eco-system. For further details please contact [email protected]

SafeNet driver and client software installation instructions

Use these instructions to install the client software on to your computer after you've received your hardware token from DigiCert.

Emudhra usb token driver download

Whether you are providing your own hardware token, or you had DigiCert ship you a secure token with your preinstalled EV Code Signing Certificate, you need to install drivers for your computer to interface with the device.

SafeNet installer help

Don't have the SafeNetAuthenticationClient-x64.msi? Lost the option to download the SafeNet Drivers from your account? Need help downloading the software? Please contact support ([email protected]).

Already have a token?

Are you providing your own token? First, you need to contact the company from which you purchased your token for drivers. Then, you need to install the certificate to your token. See Installing your DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate onto a Secure Token.

How to Install the SafeNet Client Software

Usb 2.0 Driver Download

  1. Log into your DigiCert Account and complete the following tasks:

    1. Activate the device that we sent to you.
      (CertCentral) Activate the device that we sent to you.

    2. Obtain your preassigned password.
      (CertCentral) Obtain your preassigned password.

    3. Download the SafeNet Drivers for Windows.
      (CertCentral) Download the SafeNet Drivers for Windows.

    Note: Before you run the SafeNet Authentication Client, make sure your token is unplugged (in other words, not plugged into the USB port on the computer).

  2. Run the SafeNet Authentication Client program that you downloaded.

  3. In SafeNet Authentication Client Setup, on the Welcome to the SafeNet Authentication Client Installation Wizard page, click Next to begin the software installation process.

  4. On the Interface Language page, in the drop-down list, pick a language for the interface and then click Next.

  5. On the License Agreement page, read through the license agreement, select I accept the license agreement, and then click Next.

  6. On the Destination Folder page, choose where you want to install the SafeNet Authentication Client and then click Next.

  7. On the Setup Type page, select Typical for the installation type and then click Next.

  8. On The wizard is ready to begin installation page, click Install.

  9. It may take a few minutes to install the software.

  10. On the SafeNet Authentication Client has been successfully installed page, click Finish to exit SafeNet Authentication Client Setup.

  11. You have successfully installed the SafeNet Client Software.

  12. Do you still need to change your SafeNet Token password?

    For instructions on how to change your password:

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