Ultra320 64-bit SCSI drivers v7.00.00.11 for the 29320(A) and 39320(A) series cards without HostRAID enabled. These drivers are Microsoft certified for: - 29320LPE using BIOS v4.31.4 - all other 29320(A) and 39320(A) series cards using BIOS v4.30.0 This self-extracting archive includes Release Notes. Adaptec scsi card 29320lpe the adaptec 29320lpe, pcie x1, single-channel ultra320 scsi hba is a low profile scsi card ideal for attaching tape drives, tape libraries, magneto-optical drives, dvd libraries, jbods, raid arrays and other scsi peripherals to servers and workstations. Ultra320 32-bit HostRAID drivers v2.0.0.213 for the Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI cards with HostRAID enabled. Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LP-R Adaptec SCSI Card 29320-R.

Adaptec does not provide NetWare HAM drivers for its entire line of SCSI controllers. If the Adaptec support page for your SCSI controller does not include NetWare drivers, then it is most likely provided by Novell.Drivers adaptec scsi card 29320lpe - ultra320 scsi login

Drivers Adaptec Scsi Card 29320lpe - Ultra320 Scsi Formatter

The driver files: ADPU320.HAM, ADPT160M.HAM, AIC78U2.HAM, AHA2940.HAM are embedded with Netware 5.1, 6.0 and 6.5.

Drivers Adaptec Scsi Card 29320lpe - Ultra320 Scsi Drive


Drivers Adaptec Scsi Card 29320lpe - Ultra320 Scsi Usb

Adaptec ultra320 scsi card In Netware 6.5 the embedded ADPU320.HAM driver does NOT support the Adaptec SCSI cards 29320A-R, 29320ALP-R and 39320A-R. You must download the driver from the support page of the particular controller.

Drivers Adaptec Scsi Card 29320lpe - Ultra320 Scsi Reader

The HostRAID function on the Ultra320 SCSI cards is not officially supported under NetWare by Adaptec. Only SCSI drivers are available from Adaptec. A HostRAID driver (A320RAID.HAM) is available from Novell.

Drivers Adaptec Scsi Card 29320lpe - Ultra320 Scsi Connector

For additional information on HAM drivers please check the Novell web site at the following URL:
Please note that Netware 3.x & 4.x need to be patched with the NWPA update in order to support HAM drivers.
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