1. Windows device driver information for AVC-3610 USB Loader. AVC-3610 USB Loader is a dual tuner 2.0 USB device that is manufactured by Adaptec Inc. It is compatible with Windows ME, 2000, XP and 2003 platforms. The media device allows users to view television programs while simultaneously recording others.
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Avc 3610fm Usb Loader free download - Nokia Map Loader, CyberLink PowerEncoder MPEG-4 AVC Edition, USB Drive Antivirus, and many more programs.

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Supported Models

AVC-3610 Driver

AVC-3210 USB Loader Driver

AVC-3310 USB Loader Driver

AVC-3610 USB Loader Driver

AVC-3610FM USB Loader Driver

Usb Loader Gx

Adaptec AVC-3210 USB Device Driver

Adaptec AVC-3310 USB Device Driver

Adaptec AVC-3610 USB Device Driver

Adaptec AVC-3610FM USB Device Driver


Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP

File Name

avc-3610_cd_v10.zip (19.5 MB)

Versions (2004-02-25) via .inf (2005-07-28) via .inf

Uploader Notes

This driver should also work for the HP rebranded version of the AVC-3610. I obtained this driver via Adaptec's ASK US customer support website. The tv tuner itself contains the driver file imbedded inside it, but I had some issues with my computer recognizing the device and installing it automatically after changing videocards and figured others might have similar issues and require a copy of the driver. These drivers are unavailable via the main adaptec site.

Note on compatibility: This device is certified for Windows XP Media Center Edition, but I have gotten it to work in Windows XP Professional. I have heard that some have also gotten it to work in versions of Windows Vista that include Windows Media Center, but I have not verified this.

If you have the same issue I had and yo

Uploaded By

honk muffin (DG Member) on 2-Oct-2007

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Supported Devices

Adaptec AVC-3210 USB Device

ManufacturerAdaptec Inc
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

Adaptec AVC-3310 USB Device

ManufacturerAdaptec Inc
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

Adaptec AVC-3610 USB Device

ManufacturerAdaptec Inc
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Adaptec AVC-3610FM USB Device

ManufacturerAdaptec Inc
Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

AVC-3210 USB Loader

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

AVC-3310 USB Loader

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

AVC-3610 USB Loader

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids
Download AVC-3610FM USB Loader Driver

AVC-3610FM USB Loader

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Driver Contents File List

The following files are found inside the driver download file.

CPNotify.ax40.3 KB29 Jun 2005
DATA/Menu1.bah249.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu1.bal29.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu1.dah389 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu1.dal1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu1.daw1.8 KB12 Oct 2003
DATA/Menu1.ttf367.1 KB19 Jun 2003
DATA/Menu10.dah226 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu10.dal973 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu11.dah231 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu11.dal979 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu12.dah1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu12.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu13.dah1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu13.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu14.dah1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu14.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu15.dah22.8 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu15.dal2.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu16.dah30.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu16.dal4.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu17.dah2.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu17.dal1.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu18.dah2.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu18.dal1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu19.dah2.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu19.dal1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu2.bah250.8 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu2.bal49.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu2.dah605 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu2.dal1.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu2.daw1.0 KB12 Oct 2003
DATA/Menu2.ttf352.2 KB19 Jun 2003
DATA/Menu20.dah1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu20.dal1.3 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu21.dah1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu21.dal1.4 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu22.dah1.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu22.dal1.4 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu23.dah1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu23.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu24.dah1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu24.dal1.3 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu25.dah1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu25.dal1.3 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu26.dah1.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu26.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu27.dah1.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu27.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu28.dah1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu28.dal1.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu29.dah2.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu29.dal1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu3.bah107.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu3.bal17.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu3.dah801 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu3.dal1.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu3.ttf398.4 KB19 Jun 2003
DATA/Menu30.dah2.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu30.dal1.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu31.dah2.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu31.dal1.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu32.dah26.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu32.dal3.8 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu33.dah27.1 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu33.dal3.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu34.dah25.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu34.dal3.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu35.dah34.4 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu35.dal5.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu36.dah26.7 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu36.dal3.8 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu37.dah1.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu37.dal1.4 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu38.dah1.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu38.dal1.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu39.dah1.9 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu39.dal1.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu4.bah90.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu4.bal16.2 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu4.dah617 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu4.dal1.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu4.ttf136.0 KB6 Dec 1999
DATA/Menu40.dah2.3 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu40.dal1.5 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu41.dah2.3 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu41.dal1.6 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu42.dah2.3 KB26 Aug 2005
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DATA/Menu60.dah2.1 KB26 Aug 2005
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DATA/Menu8.dal1.0 KB26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu9.dah242 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/Menu9.dal963 bytes26 Aug 2005
DATA/amslng.931.4 KB9 Oct 2003
Documents/gettingstarted.pdf2.0 MB26 Aug 2005
Documents/readme.txt2.9 KB17 Aug 2005
Software/AcroReader51_ENU_full.exe13.7 MB24 Sep 2003
TVRating.dll65.5 KB29 Jun 2005
autorun.apm17.6 KB26 Aug 2005
autorun.exe1.0 MB9 Oct 2003
autorun.inf29 bytes26 Aug 2005
avcuwfl2.cat8.4 KB11 Aug 2005
avcuwfl2.inf3.6 KB29 Jun 2005
avcuwfl2.sys17.5 KB29 Jun 2005
avcuwil2.cat10.6 KB11 Aug 2005
avcuwil2.sys1.4 MB29 Jun 2005
avcuwil2_mce.inf19.1 KB27 Jul 2005
avcxwspt.ax102.4 KB29 Jun 2005
prxypag2.ax61.4 KB29 Jun 2005

The time now is I also don’t believe, when the developers put this together, they never expect someone to use a high def LCD TV with an analogue “dual” TV tuner with both tuners hooked up via coaxial cable to a “basic cable” setup No set top box, just cable from wall to splitter to tuner I’ll give it another run later today and see what happens Composite 1 or Excluding holidays and weekends. Last edited by kookie; 6th Mar at Unit is new, old stock; in original box. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.

Date Added:17 March 2005
File Size:17.96 Mb
Operating Systems:Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
Price:Free* [*Free Regsitration Required]

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Nvidia Nforce Networking Controller. One person found this helpful. Other third-party software applications may work with the TV tuner but are not supported by HP.

Usb Loader Wii Flow

Adaptec’s AVC-3610 USB TV tuner with dual encoding

I purchased it second hand about a year or two ago. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Just incase you swing by: Last edited by kookie; 6th Mar at It was a throw-in anyway Installation Manager Success Stats: FM radio, both coax TV tuners plus recording all work for me. Would you use this site again?: And of course the Adaptec disk has no loader or executable of any kind, just an autorun and the HP does I have been working on the install for almost a week now and I, for the life of me, can’t seem to find a driver set for the darn thing.

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee! Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Pages with ueb products. I tried to find support information in the documentation and online – nothing connects to anything.

Configurable Usb Loader

HP Avc NTSC Dual TV USB Tuner Windows XP Media Center eBay

Please try your search again later. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Download Avc-3610fm Usb Loader Drivers

Contact Us VideoHelp Acc-3610. So, I have to choose xmltv for a free guide, but it does not work. I’ll have to check those features again. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Need the instructions before you start. Write a customer review.

ysb Plasma would be fine. Adaptec Avc Usb Device now has a special edition for these Windows versions: I have no idea what any of this means other than guessing and I’m sure my guesses will be close or some at best. I’m not certain, but I believe that I’m supposed to add some sort of syntax to the commands in the bat file Anyway, 5 stars in but this will receive 1 because it is just simply not avc-6310.

Download Avc-3610 Fm Usb Loader Driver Windows 10

Configurable usb loader

Usb Loader Gx Download

Hello, I have the fore mentioned device stand alone, not bundled with some sort of complete PC or Laptop purchase, it is an external device sold seperately retail and do not have the drivers. For warranty information about this product, please click here.

Is this “Composite 2, External source”? Probably loaded with crapware.

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