General behavior
Dynamic range8/12bit
Video formats @ frame rate (maximum)2,592×1,944(5MP) RGB32 @ 15fps
2,592×1,944(5MP) Y800 @ 15fps
2,592×1,944(5MP) Y16 @ 15fps
Interface (optical)
IR cut filter
Sensor typeCMOS
Sensor specification Aptina MT9P031
Format1/2.5 inch
Pixel sizeH: 2.2µm, V: 2.2µm
Lens mountC/CS
Interface (electrical)
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Supply voltage4.5VDC to 5.5VDC
Current consumptionapprox250mA @ 5VDC
Auto iris control
Interface (mechanical)
DimensionsH: 29mm, W: 29mm, L: 43mm
Shutter1/20,000 s to 1/4 s
White balance-2dB to 6dB
Temperature (operating)-5°C to 45°C
Temperature (storage)-20°C to 60°C
Humidity (operating)20% to 80%(non-condensing)
Humidity (storage)20% to 95%(non-condensing)
Subject to change.
Aptina Imaging USB2 Demo2 Board DriverAptina imaging usb2 demo2 board driversDriver

Aptina Imaging Usb2 Demo2 Board Driver Windows 7

CMOS Imaging Sensors. CMOS imaging sensors from ams feature global and rolling shutter capability, low noise, high dynamic range and high frame rates. Offering an integrated design, the sensors include a high-speed on-chip ADC and digital interfaces. Free Publisher: [email protected] Downloads: 874. SecureTouch PC USB2. Micron Imaging USB2 Demo2 Board. Free Micron Imaging USB2 Demo2 Board. Download Micron Imaging USB2 Demo2 Board for Windows to uSB driver.

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Subject to change.

Aptina Imaging Usb2 Demo2 Board Driver Download

Device Drivers
Device Driver for USB Cameras2.9.8August 22, 2019
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
IC Imaging Control C++ Class Library for C++ projects3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC Imaging Control .NET Component for C# and VB.NET projects.3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC 3D SDK - C, C++ library for stereo depth estimation1.1August 15, 2018
IC Imaging Control C Library3.4.0.51November 23, 2017
IC Imaging Control ActiveX3.2.0.0July 16, 2012
IC Imaging Control ActiveX Runtime Setup3.2.0.0July 16, 2012
Programming Samples
IC Barcode - 1D and 2D barcode reader for IC Imaging Control1.1.0.695January 30, 2020
IC Imaging Control - Sample Library3.3August 21, 2014
TWAIN Source for IC Imaging Control3.0.0.144February 12, 2021
LabVIEW Extension for IC Imaging Control3.4.0.41September 6, 2019
Cognex VisionPro AIK Plugin for IC Imaging Control3.4.2.0July 24, 2019
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 28, 2018
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab R2013b and higher versions3.4.0.58November 23, 2017
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 29, 2014
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab 10.0 R20101.1.0.0July 29, 2013
End User Software
IC Capture - image acquisition2.5.1547.4007February 10, 2021
IC Measure - manual on-screen image measurement and image acquisition2.0.0.245March 10, 2020
IC Express1.1.0.23July 24, 2019
IC 3D - User friendly stereo calibration, depth estimation and 3D visualization1.1August 15, 2018
Scan2Docx1.1.0.883February 3, 2015
Scan2Docx OCR1.1.0.883February 3, 2015
Footswitch software for IC Capture1.0.0.9September 22, 2014
IC Line Profiler1.1.0.9August 1, 2014
IC Fullscreen Presenter1.0.0.0June 6, 2014
Software Tools
Hot Pixel Correction4.0.July 25, 2019
Processor Idle State Manager2.2.0.2March 12, 2014
Subject to change.
CA-USB30-AmB-BLS/3USB 3.0 cable, 3m in length
CA-USB30-AmB-BLS/10USB 3.0 cable, 10m in length
Subject to change.
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