1. The ImageScan Pro 930u works hard. And it works smart. Ultrasonic technology prevents high-speed jams and misfeeds, ensuring your scans are crystal clear, every time. And intelligent, customizable scan buttons give you simple, one-touch imaging that automates your most common tasks.
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  3. 64-bit driver for this model is not available. TravelScan PRO 600 - black Associated Part # PS600-03, 2300u6 Ambir PS600 32-bit TWAIN / WIA Driver (XP-32 ) No software provided for this model scanner. TravelScan PRO 300 Associated Part # PS300-SS, PS300-90, 2300u Ambir PS300 32-bit TWAIN / WIA Driver.

Ambir DS687 Driver Software Scanner Ambir DS687 Driver Software Download Driver, Install, Scanner, Support, and-Ambir Technology-ImageScan Pro DS687with software that is owned by this scanner is very perfect in scanning especially for the front panel is very perfect can viewers prepare it with a USB cable to run the scanner.

Ambir DS930-AS Features

  • Truly versatile: With the ability to scan everything from letter & legal size documents to insurance, identification and business cards, the ImageScan Pro 930u is truly an all-in-one imaging machine
  • A scanner that works with you: The ImageScan Pro 930u works hard/smart. Ultrasonic technology prevents high-speed jams and misfeeds, ensuring your scans are crystal clear, every time. And intelligent, customizable scan buttons give you simple, one-touch imaging that automates your most common tasks
  • Professional-grade power: Created with productivity in mind, the ImageScan Pro 930u handles 100 pages at a time and is capable of scanning at a brisk 30ppm. The imaging hardware captures double-sided images of documents at up to 600 dpi, so you get fast, true-to-life scans, straight to PDF format
  • Form meets function: The sleek, carefully designed ImageScan Pro 930u is a perfect choice for medical practices, small offices or anyone who needs professional-grade image capture
  • UltraSonic Misfeed Detection - Detects misfeeds and paper jams before they happen. Sensor makes sure only one sheet moves through at a time. Paper double-feeds are detected and stopped before they interrupt workflow
  • Single Pass Scanning - Automatically scans two-sided documents with only one pass-through
  • High Speed Scanning - Processes up to 30 pages per minute. High quality construction, paper path and optics deliver both speed and image quality
  • Fast-Touch Customizable Scanning Buttons - Automate scanning and document handling tasks with a single button via easy-to-use software. Scan, copy, merge pages, scan to PDF, to email, to FTP and more. Auto-deskew, match color profile and descreen also available
  • Professional Grade Quality & Volume - Durable and reliable for high volume environments such as hospitals, banks and points of sale. Automatic document feeder size: 100 pages; 30 business cards; 5 plastic cards
  • Powerful Software Included - Robust software turns this scanner into an all-encompassing solution. Included TWAIN driver is compatible with thousands of softwares and automatically adjusts brightness and sizing, rotates, deskews and crops images to minimize file size and increase OCR accuracy
  • Flexible Capability - Automatic contrast and gamma adjustment, image edge fill, auto density, color profile matching and descreen

Evernote is a great tool to connect everything you need – from work documents to website clippings to… well, basically anything. So we’ve made it simple to use your Ambir scanner to send piles of paper documents to your Evernote account. With AmbirScan ADF, it’s a snap. Here’s how:

First, open AmbirScan ADF. Then select one of the button profiles, located vertically on the left side of the window. Here, we’ve selected profile #8:

Ambir ImageScan Pro 930u Driver

Ambir Imagescan Pro 930u Driver Download

On the same window, you’ll need to set which application your scanner accesses after scanning. Click the Add… button, located next to the “Application:” dropdown:

In the Add/Modify Linked Application popup window, click the “…” button, navigate to your Program Filesfolder and select Evernote:

Then name it whatever you’d like. We think “Evernote” is a reasonable choice:

Ambir Imagescan Pro 940u Driver Download

Click OK. Now Evernote is set as the upload program for scan profile 8. Be sure you’re logged into the Evernote desktop application. Use the function buttons on your ImageScan Pro 820i, 930u or 940u to navigate to scan profile 8 (or whichever you’ve selected as your “Scan-to-Evernote” profile):

Ambirscan Pro 490i Driver

Then press the Scan button. Your document(s) will be sent straight to Evernote:

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