Is your Alienware driver missing? Having a problem with the AMD cards or graphics driver of Alienware on Windows 10? Alienware 13/15/17 cannot work well? Is your Alienware driver out-to-date? You may often meet different driver problems with our Alienware of Windows 10, the first thing people will think about is to download or to update Alienware drivers of Windows 10 to solve Alienware driver problem.

Just to let you know 9.10 id tried before and its noooo good for m17 but the 9.11 driver you said seems to be good im using it now and so far its ok no increase in vantage ( well like maybe 1point) but gta4 is less glitchey. Basically i did the free upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 but wanted a fresh install, so once i upgraded i installed windows 10 again and installed a nice fresh OS. I have tried installing the drivers from the dell site and i have also tried the route of letting windows find all the drivers for me. Update: There are some threads going around saying to use the Lenovo Bluetooth 4.0 drivers. I did try that and it seems to recognise and enable the bluetooth (you also need to enable the bluetooth services which Windows 10 seems to turn off, for some reason), but these do not work.

So how can we deal with it? Here are the two best ways for you. We can download and update the latest drivers for Alienware automatically, manually and by using Device Manager. If you are using Alienware Gaming AW17R5-7405SLV-PUS laptop or Gaming Aurora R7 Desktop PC or other Alienware computer, you are in the right place. After updating the driver, you will get a very good gaming experience.


Method 1: Use Device Manager to Download Alienware drivers of Windows 10

Device Manager is usually built in the Windows 10 and it is also the management tool of the driver, so it is not only very convenient for users but also professional in drivers updating. You can try to use it to update Alienware drivers for Windows 10.

Step 1: Firstly, please open up Device Manager.

Alienware M17 Driver Download For Windows 10 7

Step 2: Find out the driver you want to update.

You can see in the Alienware devices in Device Manager such as Alienware monitor, Alienware mice, Alienware Keyboard, etc. So choose the one you want to update. Here choose “HID Keyboard Device” as an example.

Step 3: Right-click the driver and choose Update Driver. After that, the driver will be updated completely.

Device Manager is a good choice for updating Alienware laptop, Alienware Desktop, Alienware Consoles, Alienware Gear and other Alienware drivers, you will benefit a lot from it if you take this method.


Method 2: Download Alienware drivers for Windows 10 Automatically

If the first method cannot help you with downloading Alienware latest drivers for Windows 10, you can refer to this way, which employs a professional tool — Driver Booster to automatically download and update the latest drivers for Alienware 13/15/17, Alienware Alpha, Aurora, Area-51, etc.

So first of all, you should download Driver Booster.

Alienware M17 Drivers

Step 1: Scan. Click Scan to scan Alienware drivers. It may cost you several minutes in the scanning process.

Then Driver Booster will start scanning all the alienware devices.

Step 2: Update drivers. Clicking Update or Update Now, Driver Booster will download all the outdated alienware drivers and install it automatically.

So with only three clicks, Driver Booster will automatically download Windows 10 drivers for Alienware 13/15/17, Alienware Alpha, Aurora, Area-51, etc.

Method 3: Download Alienware Drivers for Windows 10 Manually

When you cannot successfully download Alienware drivers for Windows 10, maybe you can try to use this way, which means you are suggested to complete the downloading process all by your own.

At first, you should enter Alienware Driver Download, it will automatically detect your Alienware type.

If your Alienware is Alienware 14, it will show as below.

Step 1: Find out “Drivers & Downloads” on the left of the interface.

Step 2: Choose “Guide me”.

And then click the button” Detect Drivers” to automatically detect Alienware13/14/15/17, Alienware Alpha, Aurora, Area-51 and other Alienware drivers for Windows 10.

Step 3: Download.

Choose the drivers you want to download and click “Download” to download the selected driver.

At this time, you can choose drivers you hope to download one by one, or you can also choose “Select All” to download all the driver updates. If you are not so sure what driver you want to download, you can view ”View Details” to know more about the drivers.

Or if you are unwilling to automatically detect your Alienware drivers, you can also choose”Find it myself” which requires your remarkable knowledge in your Alienware information. After you choose this way, you should input much information about your Alienware, such as Service Tag or Express Service Code. So maybe it is better for you to use the way of “Guide me”.

This is a manual way to download Alienware drivers for Windows 10, you may as well follow the steps one by one, it will be not so difficult for you.

In conclusion, here are three different ways to download and update Alienware drivers for Windows 10, if you fail in one way, you can choose another one, there is always one way suitable for you.

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