Drivers for the Adaptec 2100S, 3200S, 3210S, 3400S and 3410S controllers are embedded in Novell Netware 6.x. The controllers should automatically be recognized by the Operating System.
  • Arrays created with Adaptec’s previous SCSI RAID and HostRAID controllers (so called 'Legacy Arrays') can be migrated to an Adaptec RAID controller that uses CPF or AMF. The following list shows the earlier versions of Adaptec RAID and HostRAID controllers that can be migrated: 2000S 2005S 2010S 2015S 2100S 2110S 3200S 3210S 3400S 3410S 29320-R.
  • Adaptec Aic 7850 Pci Scsi Controller free download - Adaptec ASPI Drivers, Adaptec UDF Reader Driver, Adaptec DirectCD Update, and many more programs.
  • Adaptec SCSI Card 2930LP » 2920 Family: AHA-2920 » AHA-2920A » AHA-2920C » 2910 Family: AHA-2910B » AHA-2910C » 2900 Family: Adaptec SCSI Card 2902 » Adaptec SCSI Card 2904 » Adaptec SCSI Card 2904CD » Adaptec SCSI Card 2906 ».
NOTE: The Adaptec SCSI RAID 2000S, 2005S and 2110S require an updated driver which can be downloaded from the respective Adaptec Product Support page.
Adaptec scsi raid 2020zcr controller drivers

Download SCSI RAID:Adaptec U320 HostRAID Controll. For Windows to driver.

2000S Novell 6.0 DriversAdaptecAdaptec SCSI RAID 2020ZCR Controller Driver
2005S Novell 6.0 Drivers
2110S Novell 6.0 Drivers

Adaptec Scsi Raid 2020zcr Controller Drivers

Novell 6.5 drivers are only available from Adaptec for the following SCSI RAID controllers: Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120S, 2130, 2200S, 2230 & 2020ZCR

Adaptec SCSI RAID 2020ZCR Controller Driver

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