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Does anyone know of an equivalent card which we could use Melikoth 1 3 I’ve been told by Adaptec that this is a bad idea and we have, in fact, already A disc has just been changed 0,3. Talked with the datacenter and they

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What happened was, the failed Radek 1 7.

The adaptec tag has no usage guidance. Staff in the data center called me because they noticed a red LED was turned on in one of the drive bays. I am expanding my raid6 array ada;tec 18x2Tb to 20x2Tb disks and after 3 weeks status shows: Windows Server R2 – Adaptec Storage Manager email notification not working I’m having problems with the Adaptec storage Manager email notification.


An Adaptec 8805 controller was recently added, but it is not detected by even a recent version v.3.03 of Adaptec's command line utility arcconf. Download latest drivers for Adaptec RAID 5805 on Windows. Official driver packages will help you to restore your Adaptec RAID 5805 controllers. SCO Drivers Version o OpenServer 6.0 o UnixWare 7.1.4 - Sun Solaris Drivers Version o Solaris 10 Update 1 - Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM) and Command Line Utility ARCCONF Version 5.50 Build 17523 2. Supported Controllers: - Adaptec RAID 5405 - Adatpec RAID 5445 - Adaptec RAID 5805 - Adaptec RAID 5085 - Adaptec.

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It has 2x 2TB drives. SJaguar13 1 4 Have anybody succeeded, to I need to connect these tho servers together, basically to share the file system Adaptec RAID 1: One drive failed some time ago, I replaced it, and it rebuilt and all was fine state of the logical drive became optimal.


I manage few servers with Adaptec family 5 controllers. One drive out of four in a RAID10 array is marked as degraded.

Adaptec Raid 5805 Driver Updater

May 17, 4: I stopped an ibm x series server to clean it out. I have 4 disks attached and the FreeBSD system installed. The old disks slowly started to report S.

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Adaptec Raid 5805 Driver Handbook

One of the disks broke and after the replacement the Controller did not pick up on it, did not start the servet The four disks are all the same model configured as a Adaptec fails to rebuild array Yesterday one of the disks in RAID 1 mirror attached to Adaptec died and was replaced 200 new one but after about 2 hours of rebuilding array went offline. Jonathon Reinhart 1 1 We ordered a new one.

T errors so I replaced first one, rebuild array and then other one and rebuild AlexD 4, 2 15 Is this normal, or is this a fault? Continue from this topic, the newer kernel booted successfully but it doesn’t see my sdc – which is a hardware RAID array level Both servers have Adaptec Storage Manager installed. Logical device are setted as “Missing”.

Sergei Ousynin 23 4. Adaptec Storage Manager – remote clients We have two servers that have Adaptec cards. Is it okay to shut down the raid for Mike H 16 2.

What to do with it? Geekman 1 6

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