DriverAbstract control model) (com4) driver download for windows 8Abstract

Abstract Control Model) (COM4) Driver Download For Windows


On my Win7 machine, my Solidoodle 4 with the same board shows up in Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) as 'USB Serial (Communication Class, Abstract Control Model) (COM4)'. Your COM number may be different, depending on other devices you may have. If you're not seeing that, you need to load a driver. No Samsung phone apps or drivers on PC at this stage. Installed Samsung's latest USB drivers ( Login above or register to see download links. Connected switched on S5 to PC and waited for Windows Update to detect and update drivers. Noted that Windows update had a problem with 'CDC Abstract Control Model (ACM.

Abstract Control Model) (com4) Driver Download For Windows 7

I dug up this SoliDoodle 3D printer from my company warehouse. Its been there for a couple years, may be more.
I couldnt find the main power adapter for it so i connected a computer power supply, 12VDC 17.8 Amps, temporary to get started. There is another 120VAC connected for the heat bed. and then i connected my USB to my PC. After multiple attempts and changing the cable, the PC is not recognizing the board. The fan on the stepper motor turns on, but there are no lights on the board or on the printing area.
So i assume my board went bad? but according to my old co-workers, they claim that this was working before being dumped. Not sure whats going on. I am attaching images below for any solidoode dude to help me out with recognizing this version and helping me out to fix it.

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