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Driver A1200

Please select the model:
(last update: 04/06/2017)
Current Models (2009 ~ )

15.6' A7670/A7670PV Series

14' Ultrabook A3400V

15.6' A7650/A7650P (TWSHD)

17' A1728PV (W670SC)

15.6' A7640P/PV (QAL51)

15.6' A7640 (QAL50)

15.6' A7620P/PV

15.6' A7620

17' A1276PV

15.6' A7600V (NBLB2)

15.6' A7600D (NBLB3, NBLB5)

15.6' A7600P (KHLB2)

A7600C (KHLB0)

17' A1700i (MS-1727)

17' A1700V (1722)
* Windows 7 drivers available

17' A1700S (171F)

13.3' A3000 (NTUC0)
Phased out Models (2003~2008)

15.4' A7500P (JHL90)
* Windows 7 drivers available

15.4' A7500C (JHL91)
* Windows 7 drivers available

15.4' A7500S (KSW91)
* Windows 7 drivers available

12' A3300V (JFT00)

A7400P (FL90, NVidia video)

A7400C (FL91 Intel share video)
A7400D (TW7, Intel 965 Video)
A7400S (FW91, SiS Chipset-Video)
A1700P (#1715N, nVIDIA Video)
A1700C (#1716, Intel Video)
A7200P (EL80)
(NVidia x600 256MB Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7200C (EL81)
(Intel 950 Shared Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7200D (TW3)
(Intel 950 Shared Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7000P (DL70, DL76)
(ATI Radeon x6000 Video Card)
A7000c (DL71, DL75)
(Intel 915GM 128MB Shared video)
A5000d (AL51)
A5500 (Q200B, unit with built-in floppy)
A2300P (FL30)
(nVidia 256MB GeForce 6400 Video)
A5000P (CL56)
(ATI Radeon 9600 128MB Video Card)

A5000 Centrino (CL50)
(w/ATI Radon 9000 64MB Video card)
A5000C Centrino (CL51, 51A)
(w/Intel 855PM Shared Video Memory)
A3000 Pentium 4(DCY30)
A3000C Pentium 4(FY30)
A2300 Centrino (DAT23)
A7300 (G733)
A4700 17' (DW470x)
A1200 Pentium 4(CQ12)
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